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Sunday, 14 January 2018 14:42


CLARKE Owen James B 7th November 1886 D 1957 in Queensland.  Owen’s parents were William Jesse and Marion nee LEE.

M 7th November 1911 St Patricks Catholic Church Brisbane

REYNOLDS Mary B 20th February 1889 Palen Creek D 1940 Queensland.  Mary’s parents were Patrick and Marh Mary nee CUSACK.


The photo is from the Cusack Family.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018 15:11


BEATTIE Alfred B 12th March 1881 Ireland? D 7th July 1939 Atherton.  Alfred’s parents were John and Mary Elizabeth nee HARDING

M 16th January 1907 Ormeau

ORR Hannah Jane B 21st February 1880 Ormeau D 26th November 1963 Atherton.  Hannah’s parents were James and Sarah nee MYLES


The photo is from the Orr family book.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 14:38


MANN  Matilda May married Thomas Henry KNIGHT.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 14:30


McFARLANE Maxwell John There is no information available for Max

M 23rd December 1927 in Brisbane

KNIGHT Lucy Eveline B 1st January 1892 Oxley D 28th February 1959 Brisbane.  Lucy’s parents were Samuel Omer and Auguste Wilhelmine nee LeBHERZ. 

After Maxwell died Lucy married  Edward SCHOENAUER.

The photo is Lucy with her cousin Irene Knight.


The Photo is from the Orr Family book.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 14:29



KNIGHT Alfred Henvill (Alf) B 3rd March 1890 Oxley Died 23rd May 1964 Fairfield.  Alf’s parents were Samuel Omer and Auguste Wilhelmine nee LeBHERZ

M: 22nd September 1915

LOVE Ada Harriet B 19th July 1892 Holmview D 25th October 1952.  Ada’s parents were Stephen James and Martha nee FEATHERSTONE.


The photo is from James Orr Family book. 


KNIGHT Emma Laura married George WOLFF


KNIGHT Lucy Eveline married Maxwell John McFARLANE

KNIGHT Lucy Eveline married Edward SCHOENAUER

KNIGHT Samuel James B 18th February 1877 Boggo D 11 Nov 1937 Bororen near Gladstone.  Samuel’s parents were Samuel Omer and Auguste Wilhelmine nee LeBHERZ

M 26th December 1900

WOLFF Bertha Caroline B 23rd January 1878 Esk D 1951 Charters Towers.  Bertha’s parents were Otto Ferdinand Benjamin and Susanna nee PARKINSON.

The photo is from the Orr Family.

KNIGHT Thomas Henry B 20th September 1882 Coomera D 3rd October 1958 Beenleigh.  Thomas’s parents were Samuel Omer and Auguste Wilhelmine nee LeBHERZ

M 6th February 1907 possibly in Beenleigh area.

MANN Matilda May B 16th May 1886 D abt 1974 Brisbane.  Matilda’s parents were William and Matilda nee JOHNSTON.

The photo is from the Orr Family



KNIGHT William George B 25th July 1880 Coomera D 29th April 1948 Brisbane.  His parents were Samuel Omer and Auguste Wilhelmine nee LeBHERZ.

M 14th June 1905 Broomsborough, Ormeau

ORR Ann B 1st February 1877 Broomsborough, Ormeau D 22nd July 1962 Toowoomba.  Ann’s parents were James and Sarah nee MYLES


The photo is from the Orr Family.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 14:28


WOLFF  Bertha Caroline married Samuel James KNIGHT.


WOLFF George B 26th March 1876 Beenleigh D 31st October 1950 Bundaberg.  George’s parents were Otto Ferdinand Benjamin and Susanna nee PARKINSON

M 23RD October 1901

KNIGHT Emma Laura B 11 Nov 1878 Boggo D 24th August 1948 Bundaberg.  Emma’s parents were Samuel Omer and Auguste Wilhelmine nee LeBHERZ.


The photo is from the Orr Family.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 14:20


ORR Ann married William George KNIGHT.


ORR Hannah Jane married Alfred BEATTIE


ORR Samuel George B 1st August 1887 Ormeau, D 9th August 1984 Chermside

Samuel’s parents were James and Sarah nee Myles.

M (1) Jun 1923

BULL Florence Elizabeth D 30th November 1932. Florence’s parents were William Thomas and Ellen nee HARBAGE.

They are both buried in Wonglepong Cemetery

Samuel remarried in 1942 to Sarah Mabel Evangeline nee MAYES who D in 1963.

The photo is from the Orr Family Book.

Friday, 27 January 2017 13:09

Jimboomba Times October 2016

 Once again Remembrance Day is approaching.  The 11th of November at 11.00 am is the day and time we remember those in our Armed Forces who have paid the ultimate sacrifice or are still currently serving our Country, in the protection of our way of life.

The world has not changed, there are still many areas in which fighting for different causes is still in existence, and there are still many who are paying the sacrifice of their lives.  We as a Nation should remember these Service Men and Women, and give them thanks. 

The Logan Village RSL will be holding a Service at the cenotaph in Wharf Street.  This is situated just to the left of the Old School Building.  The Museum will be open after the service, so that anyone who wishes may come in and see how we honour the Service Personnel of the area.

We are still finding information for our ANZACS ,the WW11 Personnel and those who served in any of the overseas conflicts, who have a connection to our  area, so if there is anyone who has information which they would like to share with us, please do so.   This will assist us in the keeping of the History of the triangle from Tamborine, Jimboomba and Waterford and all in between.

Until next month, remember that the verbal, written and photographed history of the area should be kept and treasured.

Saturday, 16 November 2013 10:00

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