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Von DOHREN Charles John was born on the 6th February 1921 in Brisbane and died on the 16th July 1991 in Brisbane.  His parents were Herbert Charles VonDOHREN and Wilhelmine Friederike Louise nee MARTENS.

Charles married Millicent Tweedie VIRGEN (Dolly) on the 25th November 1944.

Millicent was born on the 4th February 1915 and died on the 5th April 1991 in Brisbane.  This is all that is known of Millicent at this point.

 The Wedding Photo is from the VonDohren family. 


Von DOHREN Herbert Charles was born 24th February 1889 at Gratton St, Brisbane.  He died 21st December 1970, Crana Priv Hospital, Brisbane and is buried at the Lawn Cemetery Albany Creek.  His parents were Johann Nicolaus Von DOHREN (John) and Harriet Maria nee HOWE.

 Herbert married Wilhelmine Friederike Louise MARTENS. On the 3rd July 1915 at St Andrews, Wichkam Terrace Brisbane.

Wilhelmine was born on the 20th September 1891 at Alberton and died on the 2nd December 1963 at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.  She is also buried at the Lawn Cemetery Albany Creek.  Her parents were Carl Friedrich Wilhelm MARTENS and Ernestina Louisa FMA nee BUROW.

The Wedding photo is from the Von Dohren family.


VonDOHREN Jessie Emily Howe married Wilfred Hilary OXBOROUGH.


VonDOHREN Lilly married Kendall Patrick O’Brien DUFFY


Von DOHREN Margaret Harriett married Albert KLUVER.


Von DOHREN Marjorie Maria married Leonard Alexander NIELSEN



Von DOHREN William Robert was born on the 28th April 1887 in Brisbane and died 16th July 1972.  He parents were Johann Nicolaus Von DOHREN (John) and Harriet Maria nee HOWE.

William married Ellen Maria MENKENS on the 6th December 1913 in Brisbane.

Ellen was born on the 18th March 1885 in Queensland and died 7th December 1920 and is buried in the Dutton Park Cemetery(South Brisbane).  Her parents were Henry MENKENS and Margaret Anne nee WEBB.

The wedding photo is from the Von Dohren family. 


Von DOHREN  Wilma Olive married Bertie Phillip BLESSINGTON



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