This Month at the Museum has been very busy.  We are now in possession of another Building, which will allow us to display our collection in a better designated system.  Where before we had to show what we had in a cramped style, it is now possible to have different collections shown in their relevant themes. 

This has taken quite an amount of time and patience to pick items out here and there and to rehouse them appropriately.  By the time of the Country and Music Festival on the 11th September, we should have this completed, so that anyone who visits us will be able to take a leisurely stroll through our three buildings and not feel cramped.

In the front room of the Cottage, we now have the history of the village, this is in the form of photographs mounted on pages on the wall, so that you can walk around the room and turn the pages as you go.

The collection covering our ANZACS to the Vietnam Action, is certainly impressive, with three paintings of WW2 Aircraft by Scott Buddy being on permanent display.   Camp Cable (Yarrabilba)  is also well represented in this area.

The History of the Logan Village School is now appropriately displayed and hopefully we will receive more of the school photos so that this can be expanded.

The working loom now has a position where it can be seen in its working order, together with sewing machines of the era. 


The farm equipment is the last collection to be sorted, and this should be quite impressive, as we have an original corn cobber which was later patented.  There is also a horse buggy which will be holding pride of place amongst the saddles and other items relating to some of our Farming history.