The Logan Village Museum is the main channel for collecting local History for the triangle from Tamborine, Jimboomba and Waterford.  As many of the pioneer families are integrated with these areas, it is important to not just study Logan Village.    We do digress from this area, especially when the Pioneer descendants have moved to other areas, we still like to document where they moved to, as in some cases these descendants have moved back to the lands of their forbearers.. 

At present all information is documented either in scrap books, or computerised.  Over the Christmas break we have been concentrating on Wedding Photos for the Pioneer Families their descendants and in-laws. Many of our Pioneer families have intermarried therefore strengthening the History of the area.  

Since the 150 year celebrations of Logan Village, the importance of this information for the general public has been proven, by the number of visitors who come just to find what information we have.  We have also been able to put family members in contact with each other through the proper documentation of the information.

The Volunteers at the Museum all have their own special feeling to bring to this project. We are now expanding into another new building in the next few months, therefore there will certainly be room for other volunteers to join us. 

There is no skill required other than the wish to join a wonderful team and share the passion of keeping history alive for others to enjoy. 

All items donated or loaned to the Museum are now catalogued.  Last year over 1060 items were donated, and to date this year we have already had a further 64 items donated.  These items include photographs, books and also items which are no longer in use within the general public.  Every item will be on display for all to enjoy and reminisce.  This is what a Museum should be, for any visitor to enjoy and bring back memories of past times.

Until next time, please think about what it is that you are throwing out, and maybe it could be placed in the Museum for others to reminisce.