What an interesting Month we have had at the Museum.  There have been numerous buses calling in to see us and what stories these visitors have been telling us.    Twice we have been able to connect people on these buses who were related but did not know each other.  They had only come on the tour because they had a connection to Logan Village and wished to know what we could tell them.  By doing this all of our Volunteers on the day were so pleased. 


These visitors have assisted by putting names to faces on the School photos.  This is great as it helps to cement the story of the School and those who lived in the area.   There was also talk of the School Banner.  In 1909 this Banner won the competition for Queensland as the best Banner for its time.  This badge of honour is still held by the current Logan Village School.


It would be a great asset for the Museum to know the whereabouts of this Banner.  There was talk of it being restored a few years ago, but to date nobody knows anything else.


Also during these visits it has to come to pass that we are now in the possession of a few more wedding photos.  Our Wedding wall and now door, are crammed, but there will be more room available when the new shed is finished.  This is being built by “Your Town” formerly “Boys Town” and the workmanship which is there for all to see is something amazing.  These workers are being shown the old way to handle wood and to get the best effect from it. 


Until next month when we should be able to say that the new building is finished and we are striving to organise the layout appropriately.