Once again ANZAC Day has come and gone.  But the memories and stories are still there for us to find.

Who has got old photos hidden in a forgotten drawer?

Who would like assistance to sort out who these Soldiers were?

At the Museum we are very proud of our ability to help others in their quest to find and document their Soldier/sailor/airman’s and Nurses stories, because they all matter. 

The documentation that is being made available now is priceless, and can be easily accessed when you know how. 

ANZAC Day this year,  we were able to re release our ANZAC book.  This time there are a few more entries, but it is the photos which have been found and included in this book which give it feeling of how we as a nation became so proud.

One of our Volunteers 86 year old Alan Pettigrew was asked to pen his thoughts on ANZAC and what the word means to him.  This has been included in this posting with permission. 

A       -        Awareness—The first letter of the alphabet—The start of an

awareness that Australia and New Zealand were a force in the World who could,

and would, shape the future and development of World progress into the new


 N      . -      Nationalism—Our nations had ‘Come of Age’ with the confidence of self-determination and a growing Pride in our maturity and ability—not only to be self-supporting—but also to contribute to other nations and be leaders in our  chosen fields of endeavour. 

Z       -        The last letter of the alphabet—In some ways an end of national

infancy —  It is a sad fact that wars are started on the decisions of

politicians  — BUT the price is paid by the young virile men of our

communities —Our memorials contain no names of  politicians but are filled with the names of families who have lived for years with the loss or disability of a loved family member..

 A      -        Back to the beginning of the alphabet—A phoenix that rises out of the ashes with a new hope and a new wisdom of life to better work towards the achievements of our daily lives and our nation.  A national rebirth.

 C      -        Comradeship (or in our daily life simple ‘companionship’) —  the

ability and willingness to put others before ourselves—At the end of each day to leave our community a little better for our having been in it—


          This I feel, is the true Spirit of Anzac—A code to live by—       


Until next time, keep this History of the area alive by contributing what you know.  Bye for now