This week I would like to talk about the importance of keeping family history correct and in order, so that future generations will be able to access and add to this information.

When looking at 5 of the first families who settled in the Logan Village area these being the Bishop, Hawkins, Wendt, Storey and Yore, it is interesting to note that of these five families there were 51 children.  Of these 51 children 4 died in infancy and 8 did not marry.  

From the 39 remaining children there were 32 families who married into these Pioneer Families of the District.  These names were Barbour, Beutel, Bloomer,  Buch,  Carter, Davis, Duff, Edmunds, Featherstone, Freney, Gierke, Horgan, Hull,  Irwin, Jenkins, Kingston, Kirby, Laycock, Le grand, Logan, Love, McLennan, Mantell, Minchenton, Muchow, Richards, Smith, Stegemann, Stringfellow, Wilkinson, Williamson and Wright.  It is also interesting when looking at the next generation of children, that some of these surnames come up again, as these descendants find their partners and stay within the area. 

When looking further into the History of the area, you will note some of these families have roads or in 1 case a whole Suburb named in their honour. 

There were families who moved away from the area to gain their own farm land, but we at the Museum have been able to keep a track of where they went to and how they enhanced the area into which they migrated. 

This is where the strength of a growing community gains its pride,  by spreading resources but also keeping in close contact with the general populace. 

There are still many descendants of these families living within the Logan City area, or having moved here only to find that this is where the grass roots of their families are. 


Until next time, if there are questions about the area please come and see us at the Museum, 7 days a week 9.00 – 12.00 and we will certainly try to assist you in your quest for knowledge.