The beginnings of International Womens Day was in 1908, when it was thought through, as a reason to start to celebrate women throughout the world.  This thought then culminated in a march through New York city which was supported by 15,000 women,  demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights.  In many respects the world thinking has not changed, but it is improving.  From the beginning of this day of celebration, and still even though this has been a continuous campaign for over 100 years.  As  stated  on the Official Web site for this day, that in 2014 it was thought that parity would not be possible world wide by 2095, but we are now in 2016 and the gap has increased to 2145

Australia has come a long way and I am sure that in many areas of helping achieve  this parity we are improving.  Within the History of Australia, I and many others have found it very interesting on how as a fledgling nation, we had our own disparity. 

In 1923 there was a wonderful book called “Queensland its People and Industries” written by Mr Mathew Fox,  There are 5 volumes, over 2,000 pages, to this book.  Nowhere is there a name of a Wife, Mother or Daughter mentioned.  Such a wonderful testament to the workings of Queensland for the time, but there is only 1 girl riding a horse, who is unnamed, but the horse has its full pedigree listed.

At the Museum, we are in our own little way, assisting in this celebration of womanhood,  by doing the genealogy and the history of this area.  Where possible we are researching the Mothers, Daughters and Sisters and giving them the recognition they deserve for the work they did to establish this wonderful town we call Logan Village. 

Yes the land was cleared by all members of the household, and the chores were also shared, but when the Fathers, Husbands and sons went to War it was the Mothers and Daughters who stayed behind and kept the farms going.


We should all remember what International Women's Day is all about.  It is the celebration, reflection, advocacy, and action to advance the roll of Women in our Society - whatever that looks like globally or at a local level. But one thing is for sure, International Women's Day has been occurring for over a century - and is growing annually from strength to strength.