2017 is bringing a host of challenges to the Museum and its Volunteers.  We have almost finished all the cataloguing and photographing of the collection.  This has been a massive undertaking for the hardworking volunteers, and a great thanks must be paid to them for this. 


The next project that I foresee for the Museum, is the putting together of stories for these wonderful items which have been placed in our care.  It is okay to come along and see the old tools, kitchen utensils and other items in the collection, but to be able to stand there and read a short story on what these items would have been used for will make a great difference to the whole collection.


There are some items which we still have not been able to name or what the items would have been used for.  But in time I am sure that as visitors come along, they might be able to help us in these questions, therefore helping us to complete these stories. 


We are still managing to find little bits and pieces for our ANZAC and World War 11 Honour Rolls.  These include photos and more information to add to the life stories of those who fought in these wars.  This information will be filed and kept for future generations to read.   



This year in September will be the 75th celebrations for Camp Cable Army Base.  This was placed where the new town of Yarrabilba now stands.  The Logan City Council is looking into these celebrations, and I am sure that the information the Museum has been able to collect will be a valuable resource for this event.